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I'm not a stalker i swear


"I’m the man, no longer the kid. Must be the reason all these grown folks on my dick"


me in school



If it’s Sunday, you must reblog.
‘Tis Potterhead law.

Reblogging every Sunday to honor Richard Griffiths 



i honestly dont know how, when early 2000s dreamworks execs were faced with producing a cheap and fast knock-off capitalising of the success of finding nemo,  a movie composed of celebrities faces mo-capped and pasted onto uncanny valley fish people, fish puns, baffling attempts at hip-hop culture, mafia movie tropes, a plot stolen from a spaghetti western, a subplot shitting on L.A and jack black converged into existence but The Lord finds a way

dont you dare talk shit about Shark Tale who the fuck even are you


I appreciate this


W a n n a    B a l l

MGK gets pulled over for air drumming on his steering wheel

Luke.17. Teenage mutant ninja human.

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